ADA not restoring with the correct 12 words?

The old version of Daedalus took forever but worked (slowly). I tried to upgrade the wallet to the newer version and after it synced 100% (showed my ADA), however, it would not let transfer out any ADA, saying that it was still syncing?
I did what support told me and hit the delete button in settings. I then loaded Daedalus on a new computer and tried to recover my ADA, no dice. I loaded Yoroi and tried to transfer it, but it said there is another wallet by that name, so no dice again. I sent a screenshot of the I had and the logs of both computers, but no dice again. (they have not answered). Help, thanks

Hi There,
Looks like you have tried a few things. I am not clear on the current state you’re in. Are you on telegram? If so, please hit group so that we can have a quicker chat to clarify your current state, and suggest next actions accordingly.

I"m in telegram now, how do I speak with you?

ok, I just left you the problem. Thx


  • User was having issues post upgrade (to 0.12) to transfer funds from daedalus (he did a transfer attempt while initial wallet restore/consolidation was still underway, giving an error).
  • He raised the issue with IOHK support, and was asked to delete and restore his Wallet in Daedalus using recovery key, but stumbled upon “Wallet already exists” error.
  • At some point since then, the machine where user was having working on encountered a problem and since then is not bootable.
  • On new machine, he tried to restore his wallet first in Yoroi, but recieved the error saying “The wallet restored from your recovery phrase is empty”.
  • To be 100% sure, tested the same phrase in Daedalus using the recovery seed.
  • After Restore completed to 100%, there were no transactions recieved and no used Recieved address(es).
  • At this point, all things point to incorrect recovery phrase. User tried to check each word with bip39 database, but cannot find a working combination using similar looking words for any other words.

Next step:

  • He will try to get access to the storage of old machine, to retrieve %appdata%\Daedalus\Secrets-1.0 and %AppData%\Daedalus\Wallet-1.0_backup* (since Wallet-1.0-acid would not be valid anymore) folders, that daedalus would have created during the upgrade to 0.12.
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rdlrt is the best. He solved my problem above with a combination of computer skills and tenacity! This involved 6-10 hrs of discussion, python programming, and most of all, never giving up on me…thx again…J


Thx for the trust and working through the problem, Jon. Glad its resolved and you have been able to migrate to a new wallet whose seed you have tested, kept private and safe :slightly_smiling_face:
The brute force was only possible because we knew the position for the incorrect words, so that helped :raised_hands:t3:


Are the challenges of this situation able to be addressed somehow in a wallet update or is this down to the functions of how Windows works and can’t possibly be avoided?

The case had nothing to do with wallet or windows security (and so far dont think I have seen one yet).
The problem was while writing/reading particular word :slight_smile: Its just that the confusion between those two words was not obvious till we found the mistake :slight_smile:

I see, perhaps in this case I wonder if it’s reasonable to implement a way to check the words before building the wallet? Other sites have drag and drop in order or retype or some other mechanism, would that have helped in this case?

We are already asked to check and reenter the words by typing it again during wallet creation :slight_smile:

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Ok it’s been a while. Just wanted to make sure this is 100% human error and not something that be helped in those regards whatsoever.

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Yep :+1:t3: