Daedalus wallet recovery phrase invalid. Not matter what I type

I created a new wallet (and saved the 12 key phrases it gave me). Transferred 1 ADA to this new wallet. Then deleted this new wallet in attempt to restore it. Every time I try to enter anything in the Recovery Phrase box, i get an erro saying invalid recovery phrase. What is going on?

uppercase vs lowercase, use spaces between words, check spelling. it is possible to misspell a word, everybody has words that they misspell consistently, and it seems plausible that you could have read the word and then written it down as misspelled, our brains work like that with reading and writing. that’s just one idea.

here’s a great test though to test for human error. create a new throwaway wallet and photograph the recovery phrase (never do this if you plan to use the wallet other than for this test). with the photo you can test out the recovery system, see that you get it to work, then discard that test wallet forever.