12 Word Recovery Phrase Not Valid - But I Know It's Correct

I haven’t been on my wallet in months, therefore it wasn’t able to sync. Followed the delete and reinstall process and Daedalus is now on my computer again. I have my 12 word recovery phrase, which I’ve kept in my safe and made sure I wrote it down exactly as it was. In my case, the phrase is in all capital letters. When I type in the recovery phrase, the little pop-up words come up and I choose the word that I’m looking for. I’m receiving an Invalid Recovery Phrase error. Perhaps it’s because they just changed this system for typing in the phrase? The words that you choose in the pop-up windows are all lower case. Anyone else seeing this issue?

The case-sensitivity is not the issue here.
The message you recieve would typically come up only when you the words you enter do not match the hash required.

Historically, many people accidentally wrote down similar words in bip 39 dictionary (we have done it too :slight_smile: )
Some examples below, you can check if something similar shows up for any of your 12 word seed on your end:

I would suggest maybe try checking the bip list for similar words to see if that helps, typically it would just be one of those 12 words.
Hope that helps.
All the best :slight_smile:


I’ve put the correct words in multiple times. None of the words has a similar word. I know the importance of the phrase and checked it multiple times prior to writing it down. Something is wrong in the system, and I can’t access my ADA. I’m about to purchase more, but certainly can’t trust putting it in Daedalus.

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You possibly wrote your words in a list of 2 columns and entered them in left to right format or something similar? I’ve done this before.

Thanks for the suggestion, but that’s not it either. I wrote the words in order and very clearly. The phrase is about a year old. Do you know if the recovery phrases used to be in capital letters? I wrote mine in all caps, but I may have done that just to
be consistent. I’m telling you, the words are correct. Something is up with the wallet and I’m out several thousand ADA.

I wouldn’t blame Daedalus for losses. If there was a problem with it, you’d hear more about it.

The technology is solid, the wallet is solid, what’s at fault is people’s actions and memory.

Ledger won’t fix it if you misplace or forget your words.

I didn’t misplace or forget my words. I have them writing down in order and correctly. I’ve only had one wallet and one recovery phrase. I’m a well educated man. I know this is the correct phrase. I’m pissed right now, and the fact you can’t get anyone
from IOHK or Cardano to respond is ridiculous.

Dear friend,
switch on Caps Lock - enter all seed words. If doesn’t work switch off Caps Lock and try again.
Afaik 12 words seed is in small letters. Caps count only with Password.

You could have the Caps Lock key on when you entered the password. With 12 word seed it is not significant but it is worth a try.

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I understand your frustration. And I am here to help as a community member.

  1. Do you know your wallet address? In other words can you find you money on Cardano Explorer? If yes, then we at least know that no one hacked you and can focus only on recovering your wallet.

  2. If the answer to the above is yes then try this:

  3. Download yoroi and try to recover your wallet there.

  4. If that doesn’t work, try recovering your wallet in another safe computer.

Let me know how it goes.

Why was my post removed? Staff is afraid of the truth? Banning free speech?

You aren’t even allowed to type in capital letters. As soon as you type a capital letter it says no results found. I’ve typed in the phrase at least 20 times now in lower case and it’s not working.

Publishing demonstrably false statements have consequences, one being the statements will be removed, and this is a far better alternative for you than being held accountable.

Held accountable for what? Stating the truth? There were multiple cases of people claiming they lost their funds. They have lost millions of ADA and you have the audacity to claim my statement was false?

If this project prohibits free speech then I don’t want to be involved in it at all.

12 word seed :

  • after writing first letters of each word, do you choose from list or do you write the whole words ? Choose from the list after the suggested words appear. Do not write the whole words.
  • and don’t use Enter
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I do not know the wallet address. Chances of being hacked are slim to none. I set up the wallet in late January of 2018, just over a year ago. I purchased the ADA on Binance on 2/10/18 and immediately moved the ADA to my wallet. It’s always been in there
when I’ve checked on it. This computer is my personal laptop that doesn’t go out of the house. It was purchased just over a year ago. All of my passwords and recovery phrases have been kept both on paper, and on a thumb drive in my safe. Nothing is kept
on the hard drive of this computer.

Ok look…I’m fairly certain we all empathize but here’s the thing, there are two ways this ends, 1 - you finally recover, discovering where you screwed up, or 2 - you screwed up and lost your wallet. There is no third…that’s it, why? Because thousands have recovered before you, and before them, the code was nuke-tested.

It can be difficult, if not impossible to stay balanced while harboring an ominous threat of loss. First: You’ve done it before, do it again. You’ve changed, the words haven’t.
Second: Walk away…come back. If you have the same words, you have your ADA.

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On Binance in transaction history you will find address of your wallet

Previous misstatements aren’t remedied by committing more. If there’s any truth to your claim, the facts are attainable - please present them.

And this is where you are wrong. I’ve never changed the words. I’ve never had to use them. I wrote down the 12 words exactly as they were given to me. I’ve only ever purchased ADA one time, so it’s not like I’ve been doing a lot of trading and added multiple
wallets so I could have misplaced or transposed them all of a sudden. The only reason this is happening is because Daedalus was updated and it wouldn’t sync on my computer correctly after two days of trying. I followed the directions on the IOHK site for
how to delete, installed the new wallet, and it’s not recovering. Had the wallet not locked up on me, I wouldn’t be having this issue, and it’s obvious that many people have issues with the wallet syncing correctly, because there are videos all over YouTube
about it. I’ve watched them all trying to find a resolution. This has been going on now for two days, and there isn’t a damn resolution.

Awesome! Thank you! That gets me a place to start. Will try what you’ve suggested.