If I delete my wallet

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I just have a simple question that I hope can be answered. So I moved all my ADA to the Daedalus Wallet and have backed up and set up a password. Every time I open up the client my wallet shows up with my balance. I don’t feel comfortable with the wallet displaying this information just cause I’m skeptical about my computer being compromised.
If I were to hit the “delete this wallet” button would I still be able to recover my coins thru my seed and passowrd?

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All you need is the seed to recover. If you recovered from a backup of the wallet, then you would need the spending pass, if you have backed up the wallet after setting the pass.


Also just to add more information on the subject.

From the Daedalus Wallet FAQ

How do I backup my wallet?

To backup your wallet, you’ll need a recovery phrase which is 12 words you’ve received at the wallet creation. To restore the wallet, click “Add Wallet” select “Restore” and type in your recovery phrase.


I deleted the wallet. Tested the recovery seed. Recovered the wallet and deleted it again. Everything is good! Thank you all!


so when you delete your wallet in setting area, uninstall daedalus wallet, after that you install again so can get back your ADA coin?

@millionare You will be able to recover your personal wallet with your 12 word passphrase backup. When you create a wallet they ask you to write down a 12 word sentence, that’s your seed, as long as you have those words in that exact order you will be able to get your ADA, even if you delete Daedalus.

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