Daedalus wallet backup


I`m a windows user. Unfortunatly I cannot help with experience. But I went in the forum history and could not find anyone with the same report as you.
Well I hope someone else shows to assist you on it.


Tried to find hidden folders, no success… just don’t know where the files are… Strange…


Well, on windows there is a tool that shows every handle used by a specific process. And so you can watch open folders, files, sockets, and so on allocated for that process.
If there were any tool alike for mac, It would give you the right tip.


Here, I found a command on mac that dumps all info about processes.
While the Daedalus is running, try to execute it. :slight_smile:


I know how to find processes, just haven’t that in my mind. Actually I found folder but not in system’s Library folder than in users personal Library folder :wink: /Users/–username–/Library/Application Support/Daedalus/…

Will try now to erase application and restore from “backup”


Here is what I did:

  • Backed up folders Wallet-1.0 and Secrets-1.0
  • I have completely erase installed application and all files removed from computer, like I use fresh computer
  • Installed again Daedalus application
  • After completed data synchronization, I quit App
  • Removed newly created folders Wallet-1.0 and Secrets-1.0 and copied ones from backup.

Works! :grinning:


Does anybody know if possible to have the same wallet on 2 separate computers ??


I am also interested in such an information!! Could we have the same wallet running the same time on 2 different computers? And pls if it is possible to make clearer how do we back up the wallet. I am a windows7 SP1 user and it’s not clear to me how we back up and restore the wallet in case of a pc crash for example. Thank you in adance for your replies!!!


Yes you can, just restore using the passphrase you created.
Works for me between OSX & Win32 just fine.
The ADA wallet is truly the easiest wallet I’ve ever used.


Great thanks a lot mate.


So, I just need to save the seed right?


Correct. I suggest a screenshot of the seed when the wallet puts it up, and then print that, to be sure you have the correct order. Keep at least 2 copies in different locations (if you end up with a lot in your wallet and your house burns down, you don’t want to loose the paper seed)


Solved. I used the backup method.


with the logic of backing up using the seed; it means the wallet is actually backed up somewhere on some server, which is not what the wallet states… so im VERY confused.


@lordha11 Unless I am mistaken, the record of your ‘account’ exists on the blockchain. Your seed allows access to this record.


Hello, everyone!

I don’t mean to sound pedantic here, but for me a lot of the information on here is a bit confusing and perhaps I can clear a few things up in this step by step guide on how to make an offline back-up of Daedalus (still takes me time to type Daedalus). So this what I have done to make an offline back-up as I am a long time hodler. If I have done anything wrong or if you have comments of necessary improvements to my post, please let me know. Thanks

  1. Download Daedalus for Mac.

  2. Create a wallet by:
    a) Write down the 12 word phrase
    b) Confirm the 12 word phrase
    c) Create a password for Daedalus (not the same as the 12 word phrase)

  3. Delete the entire Daedalus program Mac but hold on to the 12 word recovery phrase which you will need when you later reinstall Daedalus.


This was done right, don’t ever lose your 12-word recovery phrase. The password doesn’t matter though, when you recover your wallet it will ask for a new password.


Thanks for confirming mate.


Can you use the 12 word phrase to recover a wallet multiple times with the same phrase?
for example, if I want to test that the recovery process will work, can I create a wallet, delete the wallet, recover the wallet, and THEN put all my ada into it, and know that when I need to use the 12 word recovery it’s going to work. I’m hesitant to delete a functioning wallet with ada, and relying only on the passphrase. It reminds me of parachuting without a reserve chute.


That’s how it works , just make sure test it out will small sum before put all money in it the have issues with seed ( like I’m going through,fml)