Daedalus wallet backup


simple phrase-test without deleting the wallet: restore the wallet in the existing wallet with the phrase. If the phrase is correct it will say that the wallet already exists.


I will just backup the Secrets-1.0 and Wallet-1.0 folder and also keep the SEED safe so I have 2 ways for restoring the wallet. If one doesn’t work there is still the other option.


Hi Jeremy, Would like to clarify the step 1 and 3.
Step 1: How to shut down Daedalus, just close the app?
Step 2" Where is Menu bar located for window 10?

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Yes, close the app (You can confirm that under TaskManager/Processes Tab).

Then you can find your wallet file here:

Windows installation folder, normally C Drive

C:\Users\Your Username\AppData\Roaming\Daedalus

App Data is a hidden folder, you can make it visible on top of the window under View>check Hidden Items on the right side.


Hi, Jeremy

I could not search the “~/Library/Application Support/Daedalus” folder in Window 10 of my desktop. Could you show us how to do it in Window.

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Beat you to it @io_jeremy {; -)


Anyway to recover password to generate new address in Daedalus? I have forgotten! I have the 12 word key


In order to reset your password, you’ll need to delete the wallet and recover it using the recovery phrase(12 words). To restore your wallet, please click Add Wallet then select Restore



Standard procedure to save the seed is to never do a screenshot or save it in your computer or print it. Write it down by hand only.


Hi I’m hoping someone can help me out please. I have read this whole thread more than once… and still cannot work out how to secure my Cardano wallet with a password OR make a backup. The process others are describing just does not seem to be the same on my Mac! I have the ADA in my wallet. I set up a password at set up. I have set up 12 word recovery phrase and recorded it. I dont like how i just press a button and shazam… it launches. No password or 2FA request?? Seems very unsecure. As others have said I’ve launched Daedalus, gone to Settings, and it doesn’t give me an option to turn on the password??? Very illogical. It just toggles between ‘Normal’ and ‘Strict’ and nothing actually changes. I made it ‘Strict’ and the next tie I log out I juts log straight back in with no password request. What am I missing?

Also I have repeatedly gone looking for these mysterious files “Secret-1.0” and “Wallet-1.0” that others have mentioned to backup offline and they don’t exist. So weird. Not in my user Application Support, not anywhere. Help please.


Hi, The password you set up will be required before you send a transaction. This is what makes it safe to have it open on your computer. It is also required to generated a new receiving address from the receive tab. You can test it by generating a new address if you like. The old addresses will still be usable if you do.

Here is more information on the strict and normal settings:

Transaction assurance level is a guarantee that a transaction will not be cancelled by some fork in case of the attack by an adversary. There is a complex formula that depends on transaction depth in the blockchain (how many blocks before the most recent one were included into the block, the number of confirmations) and the amount of adversarial stake. Things are much simpler during the first 3 months of operation of mainnet since all the stake that participate in the process of staking (block generation in proof of stake system) is controlled by IOHK. Same goes for the testnet. “Normal” and “strict” are different user settings as shown below.

Normal setting:

Low assurance: < 3 confirmations
Medium assurance: 3 to 6 confirmations
High assurance: 7+ confirmations
Strict setting:

Low assurance: < 5 confirmations
Medium assurance: 5 to 10 confirmations
High assurance: 11+ confirmations

This is from the FAQ at daedalus.io

The Wallet and Secret files are in a hidden file on the mac. I’m using a 3rd party finder called “path finder” that easily lets me switch hidden files on and off. If you don’t have that capability this article shows you how to show hidden files using the terminal. The files are located in Your HDD/users/your user name/Library/Application Support/Daedalus

I too wish there was a password/pin to launch the wallet. Maybe they will add the functionality if enough people request it. Hope this helps.


You want Lock Pro - Prevents Unauthorised Usage Of Your Apps, free for one app like Daedalus.

The password under setting is for sending value out of your wallet not locking the app.

This is the path to Daedalus:

~/Library/Application Support/Daedalus/

Finder > Go > Go to folder:

In that folder, “Daedalus”, you will find a folder named “Wallet-1.0”, your encrypted wallet data lives in it.

If you have a spare flash/usb drive around I would backup your “Wallet-1.0” to it, encrypt that drive for added security and you are golden:

Disk Utility - example:
Disk, “disk7”, is my USB flash drive yours will be different!



Hey Chainomatic, thanks for illustrating how to get to the wallet folders using the Go function on finder. That is a much easier way to get there. I didn’t know you could do that.


Excellent. Thanks so much everyone. If only all forums were this helpful!!!


Hi Peter,

I’m using Windows 10 too.
You just search the key word that is daedalus in C disk.
Some important folders will show you.
You can open every folder to find out both wallet-1 and secret-1.
Or following the link will appear: C:\Users\Computer’s name\AppData\Roaming


I’m using Windows 10 too.
You just search the key word that is daedalus in C disk.
Some important folders will show you.
You can open every folder to find out both wallet-1 and secret-1.
Or following the link will appear: C:\Users\Computer’s name\AppData\Roaming


Guys, I’ve some question about Daedalus:
1- if I install a wallet and for security reasons (if I’m afraid that my computer gets compromised) I want to create I new wallet, (and at the same time changing computer), do I make sure that the secret keys of the old wallet would be now useless? In other words, does every wallet have it secret keys folder in C?
2- By deleting the wallet on a computer I don’t delete my Ada stored right? I can always restore it whenever and wherever I want to?

Thank you



Replied to same questions in another thread.

  1. Is it safe to save these secret and wallet folders on a cloud? you would still need the 12 word phrase if someone got my secret and wallet folders from the cloud?

  2. i can’t find anywhere on windows 10 to have a password to protect my wallet, nothing stopping someone opening my computer, opening daed and stealing it, when i’m away for a dump?

  1. Probably not possible, even if it was then I’m sure it would not be worth doing.

  2. “Stealing it” is not that simple, given the spending password, but if somebody gets physical access to your computer your security in most regards is pretty much shot anyway. Decentralisation means this sort of thing is your responsibility.