Daedalus wallet backup


Hi Jeremy,
Tried as you explained, but within the Daedalus wallet am unable to find…
“~/Library/Application Support/Daedalus”

Any suggestions as to why I do not see these folders within my wallet?
Other ideas on backing up wallet?

Latest Windows installed.



That path is for Mac, on Windows it’s %appdata%\Daedalus


Thanks for response…
Unfortunately, “%appdata%\Daedalus” is also not found in the Daedalus folder.
Any other ideas?


I found it on my Mac, np. You have to make sure to use ~/ at the beginning, use the Go > Go To feature on finder if you on mac.


Wallet is on a computer using Windows. I’ll keep asking around. There seems to be Windows specific direction in some posts in this thread, but even what they suggest to search for within the folder seems to not exist.

I guess as long as I have the seed phrase and spending password I can always restore a fresh wallet.



Thank you for the info, will keep and use it should my current wallet (which is working and I have access to) ever fail.


On windows the folder name is C:\Users{your user name}\AppData\Roaming\Daedalus


Upgraded Daedalus to Version 1.4 on my Windows PC. All went well. After a few days I went to do a wallet backup. I expected to see directories Secrets-1.4 & Wallet-1.4 - but I see Secrets-1.0 & Wallet-1.0-acid - Are there updated backup instructions for Version 1.4 I’m unaware of?


Thanks, this helper.


No, these are the correct folders, the names don’t correspond to the version number.


Nice tips here
Thanks :3


Is it possible to restore a wallet without the 12 word recovery phrase? I cannot seem to find my recovery phrase and my windows 10 has decided it no longer wants to boot up. I think I can access the appdata folder and copy it onto a new windows 10 pc, but is this method of recovery possible? Any help would be greatly appreciated


It is not possible to restore your wallet without the 12 word recovery phrase.


Yes it is, but I can’t guide you through it myself. Best technical help at the moment seems to be on Telegram at https://t.me/CardanoCommunityTechSupport I’d recommend getting the Daedalus folder from %APPDATA% onto the new machine then ask for help in there.


Thanks for the help. I’ve managed to find my recovery phrase, but after recovering my wallet I have 0 ADA in it. Did I miss something?


Assuming it’s fully synced, the usual cause of that is getting the phrase wrong.