Restore wallet and lost all ada help me plz [solved, incorrectly stored secret words]

i reinstall my windows (and lost wallet) but i restore it with 12 words phrase. but no any ada on my wallet help plz

Is there anything in the transaction history?
Type your address in and see if your coins are stored in your address, that’s the first step

Hi Ernesto,

It may take some time for the ADA to show again after a restore I would guess. Transactions will need to pool and the block chains fully synch in order for this to show your current balance. That’s just my ten pence from what I’ve read though.

Hope you get it back soon, I’m still waiting for my damn wallet to sync. Losing my mind currently having to delete the blocks in my app data…

Good luck

it’s not ten pence it’s 14791 ada and where it now ? what can i do ?? this is big problem i think .

how can i delete blocks on appdata ?? for what i can do it ??

Have you done what @CosmosX mentioned? It’s the first step to know if your ADA is really gone.

When you restored the wallet with your keyphrase did it take like 5-20 hours? cause that is how long the process takes… If you skipped it, then you haven’t restored it, and you have to redo it…

Just stay calm about it - if your ADA was stolen, they are gone and you will never get them anyway, nothing you can do about it - if they are not stolen (which they are high likely not) they will be there waiting for you once it is probably restored, and you have figured out how to do it. They wont be going anywhere, they are safely on the blockchain.

Again if you have a receiving address from your wallet you can check your balance as @CosmosX said, that will at least confirm they are there. Though I suspect you dont have a address apart from your private key.

I would never recommend anyone doing this and I wont recommend it to you either. But I will give you the offer anyway because I know me. I have a strong PC and good connection, so shouldn’t take me long, I can restore your wallet for a 3% fee of the balance, and sent it to a new address of yours, if interested you can just let me know. Its not to be greedy with fee, but I am also taking a risk in terms of accusations and what not, should it be empty in the first place. 14k ADA means nothing to me. I am more interested in the whole recovery process, since I haven’t had to do it myself and also helping you out if you cant figure out how to do it. But you should definitely put effort into doing it yourself first.

hello. I have some question about name of wallet on Daedalus. is wallet name important when I restore my wallet ??? if I forget it (wallet name . but I have 12 words phrase and password) what should I do ?? thx

Wallet name is not important. You can choose any name when restoring.

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Just start the process, and give it 20 hours before you do anything, just let your computer sit there.

hello . ok I will .

yes I look and I can see my ada on my wallet address (but I don’t understand how it works , why my address not my now ??? wtf ??? help . and : I restored my wallet 3 times and all time wallet address was different . but not my really address for wich I made transaction

A new receiving address (public key) is made for every transaction, yet you can still use the old ones. As long as you can see them on the explorer, they will be there waiting for you when you have restored correctly.

Sorry for my stupidity , but how I can restore correctly. I don’t understand : now I wait for restoring my wallet 20 hours , like you said me . I write you after this time.

How long did you wait before? It takes a looong time.

now, for last restore I wait 8 hours . I need more 12 hours ( just wait and during this time Daedalus is running ) , what can I do for my wallet more ??? .

Yeah 8 hours is not enough for most people.

and my balance ada change , to 0.84911 ada (what is this ??)) but no 14791 ada.

That is because you probably haven’t restored correctly. Let it restore, and give it 20 hours.

how can I restore correctly >>>?>??? how help me plz