Moving Daedalus wallet to a new computer WITHOUT full resync

I am looking to move my daedalus wallet to a new computer. I have the original seed phrase etc, and I know how to (and have done a few times) start a new wallet and pick up my existing account - that is not what I am asking here - there is more than enough info on recreating a wallet in here and on the net.

Specifically I want to physically move the data I already have downloaded into a new wallet on a different PC. I can do this with bitcoin core easy enough, and I am unaware of any technical reason why it couldn’t be possible with ADA, but I cannot find any information after several days of searching on how to do this. What little info there is relates to Windows anyway, and I am running Linux.

If anyone can tell me which files I need to scp to the new machine and where those files are located I would be most grateful.

I think it is possible but wouldnt it be smarter to use a light wallet like Yoroi or Adalite if you have such troubles to sync your wallet?

Anyway if you want to use a full node wallet, im pretty sure that you have to copy those files here : C:\Users\xxx\AppData\Roaming\Daedalus Mainnet\chain

Not really sure where they are located on Linux.

Let me provide the linux path. I found my chain data at ~/.local/share/Daedalus/mainnet/chain

I didn’t say I had problems, I said I didn’t want to. It is much quicker to copy than to resync. For example, it takes days to resync the BTC blockchain from scratch - but I can rebuild an entire node in less than a few hours by copying my up-to-date blockchain. ADA will eventually get to the same point (I hope) so I might as well work out how to do it now while it is still relatively small.

Plus, I want to understand the structure of ADA wallets better - and to actually test if there is anything inside the wallet which would make that impossible - can’t think what or why that would be done - but I want to find out.

Thanks for the reply. It is appreciated

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Thanks. I will just try to copy that over to a new Daedalus install and see what happens :slight_smile:

For the sake of anyone else looking for something similar in future, here is what worked.
1 - Install Daedalus on the new/alternate machine, I started Daedalus running then stopped it almost immediately.
2 - I then logged into the source of an up-to-date blockchain and wallet installation and from there ran the command scp -rp ~/.local/share/Daedalus/* <usr>@<FQDN host>:/home/<usr>/.local/share/Daedalus/
replace <usr> with your user and <FQDN host> with your target machine just as with any other scp command.

This took about 25 minutes to complete as of the time of writing.

Again for anyone in the future, the -rp switch in the scp command does the following
r: recursively copies all subdirectories
p: preserves timestamps.

Not sure if these are essential, but I chose to include them as a precaution.

3 - Started Daedalus in the usual way. My wallet and the blockchain were completely updated and launched in about 90 seconds.