What happens with my staked ADA if i delete Daedalus Wallet from my Computer?

Heey from Berlin Guys!

I got a question, most probably a stupid one but at least one!

I stake my ADA on Daedalus Wallet but my computer memory is close to explode. Therefore I would like to delete daedalus to make some room for work stuff :smiley:

The big question now is, what happens with my ADA? Do i continue to stake while I deleted it? Can I restore my Wallet in 2 years and check what my staking rewards had been or is there a MUST to keep the wallet on your computer in order to stake ?

Any helpful reply would be appreciated!

Wish you all a lovely day!

Hey @Flo_Krause

There are no stupid questions :slight_smile:

Simple answer: Nothing



No :slight_smile:

Maybe a little extra information. There is actually nothing running on your computer. All the data is stored in the blockchain, which is distributed over many nodes in the network. This means even if you uninstall Daedalus, you could simply install it on a other computer and restore your wallet with your seedphrase again.

By the way i would recommand you to use a light wallet like Typhon or Eternl and restore your wallet there, as those wallets arent running a full node which means they doesnt need that much ressources from your computer.

If you have any other questions, feel free to ask here or DM me :slight_smile:

Fabian :switzerland:

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As long as you have your seedphrase, you’re fine. Daedalus is just the wallet that lets you interact with the blockchain.

So make sure you have your seed phrase somewhere safe (not stored on a computer).

Building on the original question, what happens if you delete your Daedalus wallet, go away for 2 years and come back to find out that Daedalus is no longer an option. Can you gain access to your ADA in some other way assuming other wallets exist?

Some reasons why Daedalus might not be an option in the future include: 1) Daedalus might not be supported anymore (happens with software all the time) and older versions of Daedalus might be incompatible with the current blockchain; 2) Daedalus resource requirements (CPU/MEM/DISK) are too high for the user; 3) Daedalus not supported on user’s personal hardware including the case where a user no longer has a desktop computer, i.e. only has a phone/tablet or similar.

As @Zyroxa already said:

The wallet app is really just an interface to the blockchain. It is interchangeable like web browsers are interchangeable. If you created your forum account with Opera, want to access it in two years, and Opera doesn’t exist anymore, you just use Firefox or Chrome.

Only thing you really have to be careful about are old Byron wallets – the ones with the Ddz addresses on Daedalus or the Ae2 addresses on Yoroi. Those are not supported in most other wallet apps. And support gets more difficult in the ones that do. I would just move to a Shelley wallet, while it is still painless enough.

(There are some features – multiple accounts in one wallet – which are only supported by some of the wallet apps, but they are still supported by enough of them that you have choices. And it’s no problem when moving from Daedalus or Yoroi, since they don’t have that, anyway.)