Moving wallets with funds from one machine to another?

I have an machine A with 10 wallets, on another machine B, I have only 5 wallets (which where copied/cloned as is, from machine A initially by duplicating the discs).

Now I want to move all wallets (they have funds) from machine A to B.
The node(s) versions are identical and both are in sync.

Can I safely copy the “Secrets-1.0” (in AppData) from machine A -> B?
Should i also copy other folders such as “Wallet-1.0”?

Please advice.

Restore on computer B using your backup phrases. You can have the same wallets open on A and B simultaneously, it doesn’t cause a problem.

If you don’t have your phrases written down, then create a new wallet on A, send the funds over, then restore to B.