Try to change computer

I’m changing my computer Daedalus because my current one is too slow. I already installed it on another computer, I put the phrases and I can’t see my cardans there. Why don’t I see my money in both wallets?
The computer where my cardans are is slow and I can’t update my blockchain. Do I need to update to be able to view it on the other computer?
The wallet is the same, the phrases are the same???

Did you already let Daedalus sync?

Instead of Daedalus you could also use a lightwallet like Yoroi, ccvault, Typhon or adalite where you dont have to download the whole blockchain which makes them way faster to use.

Eu sincronizei o novo computador. O antigo onde está os ADA está lento. Estou tentando sincronizar…
Obrigada pela atenção!

As long as you have the seedphrase you will have access to your funds.

If you arent able to restore the wallet via Daedalus, id recommand trying to restore the wallet via to check if you are using the correct seedphrase.

Eu vou tentar. Você sabe se po acaso o blockchaind onde estão, as ada nao está atualizada, isto interfere em ver a mesma carteira em outro computador?

different instances from different computers shouldnt have any impact on each other.

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