Manjaro linux ram 100%

Hello! I’m mew here and i’m trying to setup a wallet on my pc. My OS is Manjaro linux and i’ve installed the latest official daedalus build.
While I’m syncing to the blockchain (current progress is around 40%) daedalus keeps increasing ram usage and it gets to 100% very fast. I’ve tried to add a swapfile but it gets to 100% usage too. The thing is that everything freezes when this happens and then, after a bit, daedalus looses connection and frees all the ram. Any fix?


It’s the first time when you try to install a wallet?
If you can’t install Daedalus (hw issues) you can install Yoroi - extension in chrome/firefox… both are CARDANO official wallets. The difference is that Daedalus is a full node and needs all database to be downloaded and Yoroi is a light wallet and you can have it even on your phone.

Daedalus wallet compared to Yoroi wallet

If you need help, feel free to ask!


I’ve installed other wallets in the past but this never happened to me before. Daedalus is installed correctly but i think there is something wrong with ram usage. It goes up to 16Gb used in like 10 minutes and never frees it before it looses connection. The pc is pretty good so i don’t think the problem is hw but software.

Thanks btw! :smiley:

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Your welcome,

in this case you should open a case here