Linux app for daedalus Version: 5.1.1 crashes my Dell Inspiron Laptop

This app has worked without issues for at least 12 months until this (the latest iteration). Each time the the app reaches the 3rd step (syncing the blockchain) at about 95% completion the processor seems to get hopelessly overloaded - no progress in syncing is made; the cursor struggles to move in response to touch; nothing happens i have to press power off.

Is there are a reason you are using a fullnode wallet? If not id recommand using a litewallet like Typhon or Eternl where you dont have to download the whole blockchain.

How much RAM do you have? Daedalus is rather memory (and disk) intensive and you will likely need at least 32 Gig of RAM and some swap space.

Light wallets like recommended by @Zyroxa are definitely an alternative.

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ah thanks for that. I have 8gb.