Why does Daedalus Sync again each time a new wallet is added?

Every time I add a new wallet to Daedalus, it takes forever “syncing transaction history with the blockchain”. Why is this? Daedalus is a full node, so the transaction history is already there. All Dedalus needs to do is read the blockchain DB which is already locally available. Why does that take so long?

which operating system do you have?

the time you add a new / second wallet, does it try to synch all the wallets? or you see the synch status only to the new wallet?

I am using Daedalus on macos and it has several wallets already fully synced. I have the impression that what happens is not actually a blockchain sync but just an incredibly inefficient scan of the already downloaded chain for transactions belonging to the wallet.

i would verify the wallet recovery phrase and then

  1. delete wallets,
  2. uninstall daedalus from macos.
  3. delete unnecessary files from macos
  4. install daedalus from the scratch :wink:

please let me know then.

Why not also tear down my house and rebuild it while we are at it?

Seriously, it looks like the culprit is not Daedalus after all, but the cardano-wallet process that is running behind the scenes. In order to find transactions, it needs to generate addresses from the seed phrase and then scan the blockchain DB for transactions involving any of these addresses. For some reason this process seems to be very inefficient. I can see a lot of CPU activity in cardano-wallet and slow I/O reads in both cardano-wallet and cardano-node while the syncing process takes place.

The amount read by both processes in total was about three times the size of the blockchain on disk, so I assume that some serious optimizations could be done.

It’s checking to see if there are already any funds in that wallet. Its probably un-necesary.

i dont undertand your respond…
although i would tell you my style,
i try to isolate issue with cases and i am not afraid to do mistakes and unnecessary things.

also for the “it takes for ever the synch”, in my case it doesnt. then i dont believe is a process for the wallet.

thank you for your understanding.