Daedalus Mainnet is not synceding more than 94% for 4 weeks now!

I am trying to re-install my Daedalus Mainnet Wallet for 4 weeks now but it keeps stuck at 94%. To reach 94% it takes 8 to 10 days and then starts going backward. Like from 94.79% to 94.60% That is very creepy I know.

I have followed everything I can do such as deleting everything, updating my time to reflect internet time etc but nothing seems to be working. I suspect something phishing going on.

How can I retrieve my cardano from the wallet?

What is the PC/desktop hardware specifications?

U can restore the daedalus on any other light wallets… like yoroi, adalite.io, ccvault.io, etc to access the funds


It’s HP, I have reinstalled it on that PC twice last year. it was not a problem then.

What OS has the system? And how much RAM it has?

Make sure your hard drive has enough free space. If you use windows you can use the mklink command and use an external usb drive.

I’ve just updated, again, reluctantly.
Its been verifying for the last two days now!
These updates are supposed to be improvements but theyre always a spanner in the works and take longer every time!!!
Think I’m finally done with Daedulus wallet now.
Sort it out FFS!