Yoroi Questionss

Hello guys,
I noticed that my Yoroi wallet was disconnect from itself from the Chrome Browser and now asks me for password in order to connect, I am afraid that might be a hacker attack.Tha is the real Yoroi right:

?Thanks !


Check if it’s related


Dude please help me I am very upset, I tried to log from other PC click on restore wallet put my seed phrase there address is the same but my balance stays at 0 please explain me why is that I havent give my password to anyone.Extenstion was check and it was not a scam?

but, do u see any transaction history?
also if u copy one address from yoroi on cardanoscan.io do u see the right balance?

It says 0…why is that mannn.At the begining it asks me Allow Cardano Payment URLs I decline shall I accept?

Yes this has got to be the solution. Should be selected by default. Now we must first give this crazy general permission and then select “On Click” to limit that permission and make it safe again.

Still at 0…at the begining it asks me for some new password, I must set up a new password right + my old 24 words the wallet name is not a problem right?

I do something wrong even if someone take my funds they will be a transaction history when I put my address it seems that never been money there which is not true…is it possible to open some other new wallet instead of mine?

hmmm, try on adalite.io to restore the wallet using the seed words
It’s a standard or ledger wallet?

but I am using Yoroi is it gonna be a possible to access my funds via Adalite, also when I restore my wallet it asks me for "new password"so I must put a new password right?The seed phrase is the only important thing,wallet name and pass is not?

Exactly, only the seed words is important

"During installation you are asked to setup a password that is required every time you send ADA, also to generate a new address. You should have noted it and kept it safe. Is it possible you might find it in your records? If not you will have to delete and recover the wallet, which only requires the seed phrase and allows you to set a new spending password."Thats what I’ve found so i need only seed phrase

why then…even if someone took my funds at least there should be transaction history…but no eveyrthing stays at 0 like neve been money there…

Then u have a wrong seed words… 24 is for daedalus or hw wallet, yoroi has only 15 seed words

I am entering my Legder seed phrase

is it something different

there is an opitn for 24 words actually…

What? You should always keep your crypto on a hardware wallet if possible. OP, create your Ledger wallet, add the ADA app, then open Yoroi and when you go to make a wallet select “Connect to Ledger Nano”. Boom, now you can send your ADA to your Yoroi wallet, but the funds are stored on your Ledger and you only have 1 seed phrase." THats what I have so only that seed phrase I need probably

Duuude I did it I am idiot, forgot to click on hardware wallet…instead of that I click only on restore wallet …now everything is fine

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I asked u if u have ledger or not :slight_smile:
Glade u fixed! And don’t enter the ledger seed words next time, use connect ledger