Saftey of yoroi

Hi friends. I just set a yoroi wallet and transfer my ada into it. I use the chrome extension.i want to know how safe and secure is this wallet in chrome condisering that it has not 2fa authenticator? I use it with my laptop and dont have the android version in my phone. Just chrome extension. I wnat to keep my cryptos for about 2 years or more. Is it reliable for this? Or should i transfer it to somewhere else like binance exchange wallet?

As long no one will have access to the seed words or spending password or phisical access to the laptop is fine…

Also u can buy a ledger/trezor hw wallet to store the funds there

I would recommend the use of a hardware wallet in conjunction with Yoroi.

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I write the seeds in paper and checked it several times. Also i take a screenshot of them but it deleted it right now. And i have eset smart security on laptop. Is it enough or should i do more security things? And another question is its better to stake it or just hold it. Appreciate for your help :pray::pray::pray:

Thanks. Because some reasons i dont have access to hardwares wallets


By staking you dont risk anything… and if you want to hold your ADAs in your wallet then the best thing what you can do with it is to sake it.
Yoroi is a good choice i think - I am using it with a dedicated laptop (Ubuntu booted from pendrive and that is all)

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If you can’t get a hardware wallet than do this to maximize your security:

  1. make sure your computer has a strong password to get into. Yoi don’t want someone to get access if you might lose your computer somehow.

  2. make sure you have installed the official yoroi extention

  3. choose a hard to guess spending password for your yoroi wallet. So nothing like mypassword or something

  4. don’t save your spending password digitally. Write it down or remember it.

  5. always lock your computer when you leave it unattended.

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