Beginner's Questions about Yoroi Wallet

Hello! I am quite new to crypto in general so please excuse my newbie manner. :slight_smile:

I recently create a wallet via the Yoroi chrome extension. I’ve also recovered the wallet to the Yoroi IOS app on my phone. I was in the middle of sending ADA from Binance to my wallet when I realized my Chrome and IOS app have 2 different receiving addresses. So I’ve halted the transaction until I fully understand what I’m doing.


  1. Am I misunderstanding the wallet recovery function? I assumed I’d be able to utilize the same wallet from both the chrome extension and IOS app simultaneously.
  2. Any ideas on safe places to hide/secure my recovery phrase? I was thinking about inside books or under the floor’s boards and in bank’s safety deposit box.
  3. Am I making a critical mistake overlooking physical wallet? From my uninformed point of view they seem like an unnecessary security hazard for minimal utility.
  4. Is Charles H. actually Jesus reincarnated?

Thanks in advance for any response. I’ve been searching for reputable resources to study, learn, and grow. This forum has been a great first step for me into the world but if you have another resource I could use for studying I’d really appreciate a link, I’ll even pay you in “Likes”.


(1) Yes, there will be multiple receiving addresses. In Yoroi it states the following:

But since Shelley that does not really apply as all addresses are related to one single staking key, so eventually all transactions can be narrowed down do that key.

So… no worries about having different addresses, Yoroi will still generate new addresses for you. What’s important the funds will end up in your wallet and you’ll be able to see the transactions from both devices.

(2) Some people split it up into few chunks and keep it in different locations… some additionally save duplicates at different locations, like RAID 5 :slight_smile: ie: split into 3 chunks, store 2 chunks at your place, 2 chunks at your parent’s place, 2 chunks at some third secret place… there are many more strategies, I guess you need to find what works for you :slight_smile: