Using Yoroi on Windows and iPhone at same time

Does anyone have experience using Yoroi wallet on their Windows 10 PC with the Chrome extension and on their iphone?

I have Yoroi installed on Chrome and have my USERNAME, PASSWORD AND RECOVERY PHRASE.

The Cardano/Yoroi FAQ says you can view your holdings using the Yoroi Wallet chrome extension on two different PC’s but only one at a time that is before logging in on the second PC close your Chrome tab that you are using to view your wallet on the first PC.

Do you use that same procedure when switching between PC and iphone?

I am thinking that when you set up Yoroi on your iphone that becomes a new wallet with separate username, password and recovery phrase. If that is the case then if I wanted to keep my ADA on my iPhone I would have to send my ADA from the Windows Chrome wallet to my iPhone Yoroi Wallet app.

Anybody have experience doing this?


On iphone just recover your wallet from chrome… you will be able to use both devices on same time

Thank you Alex

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