Installing Yoroi on desktop fails

Yoroi seems to work fine on my phone .Couldn’t put it on my desktop though(2 browsers ,Chrome and FF). Doesn’t accept the recovery phrase ,there are no 15 textboxes like on the phone,don’t know why,all the words are on one line(is this the reason it doesn’t work?). I tried to put same Yoroi account on 2 other phones in the same way,went flawlessly. How do I get it on my desktop?I need it there ,because the exchange I use needs desktop for verification of adres.
I followed the sequence below: restore wallet - cardano - enter 15 word phrase - standard wallet after entering wallet name, recover phrase and spending password, i cant click on the restore wallet button, as its grey out.

hmm, are u sure about this? Its the first time when I hear it. Why an exchange would want to access your wallet?. stay safe!

from where did u install yoroi on browser? Did u add it as an extension?


They want a visual proof of the adress.

Cust. Support stepped in here ,they send a link to solve the problem.But my malwareprogram Antimalwarebytes blocked cust .support because insecure connection…Probably nothing but take no risks with my crypto.

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But a picture from mobile wallet should prove the same :slight_smile:
Which exchange is it?
They sent a link to download yoroi? Man, be carefull…
Told you, first time when I hear it… for me is suspicious enough

And I worked with
Cex (my prefered exchange)

That sounds an awful lot like a scam! Don’t give away your seed phrase!

And please flag the DM!

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Because you put the whole seed phrase in the box for the first word!

Yoroi’s seed phrase input dialog is shit.

You have to confirm every single word with enter. Space will not work. With space you will stay in the same input box for a single word.

If you confirm the single words with enter (as soon as the right one is suggested), more boxes for the other words will appear.

Thanks .I’ll try.

Those were 2 separate answers from me .

First one was from the exchange(picture)

Second one was from here.

" Hello @Paul_Gastel .

We opened a ticket for you based on your inquiry, you have to talk to a Cardano live support agent for answers.

Kindly use the support link below to talk to a live chat agent using ticket ID WL83h94

Support: [Cardano Support ] [Link to scam site removed]

Note; Click on the live chat icon at the bottom corner of the page to initiate chat."

So it was Cardano support that was blocked…

That is a scam! Please flag it. Or tell us the user, so we can block them.

And please never believe such messages! Nowhere in crypto! They are all scams!

30 dec 2022 I see now …

…, but @Alexd1985 is right that it is a strange request from an exchange. Usually it should be not of their business, which wallet app I use and they shouldn’t require a screenshot from a specific one.

Maybe, I want to withdraw to an address of a wallet that I am managing with my own command line tools. Not their business. They just need to send.

But if you really only semd them a screenshot of the receive address, it cannot do any harm, either.

He said he tried to restore the wallet… he entered the seed words in that app…

Yes, in Yoroi.


What do you mean?
I gave no one my seed wordssentence.

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I thought that link for “yoroi” was provided by scammer

Nevermind… stay safe!


A solution that simple,works perfect.

Simple newbe question
Can you have 2 yoroi wallets on one phone or comp.?

You have “to restore” with 2 different seedphrases each time you want to switch between the 2 I presume?

You have “to restore” with 2 different seedphrases each time you want to switch between the 2 I presume?

Once u restored the wallets u should see all of them inside yoroi

You can have as many as you want in parallel. “Back to my wallets” should bring you to the overview, where you can add more:

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