New wallet in Yoroi

I have a question about Yoroi. I currently have one instance of my wallet in Yoroi on two different devices (works fine so far) but I would like to create a second Yoroi wallet in the future (waiting for Ledger support so I can have at least one wallet secured with hardware wallet).

But my question is, how can I replace the current Yoroi wallet in my browser extension with a new one? Or how can I switch between two wallets on one device? Do I need to remove the extension first and then re-init the wallet?

before you start anything, make sure your keys are correct by checking if it works on Yoroi on Android or by switching accounts on google chrome(top right corner)

install the yoroi extension on different chrome accounts will allow you to use multiple wallets straight on the browser.

once you check your keys work.

Just go back to your main google chrome account, and delete the extension and re install it.

Voila! hope that works.


Thanks, I already checked it works by having the same Yoroi (from same recovery phrase) on two different machines. So deleting and re-installing the extension will do, that’s good to know. Thanks!

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