Yoroi on Multiple Devices

I had Yoroi in a Chrome extension with a wallet named “chrome”. I put 1k there.

Some time later I install Yoroi on my Android Phone and use the restore seeds to get the “chrome” wallet to show up on my phone too, but since Yoroi asks me how to name it I say “android”.

SO I have now two wallets of the same wallet, ‘chrome’ and ‘android’.
Both show 1k.

Chrome: 1k
Android: 1k

I buy 2k more of ADA on Binance, I send them to ‘android’.
now the wallets show balances as follow:

Chrome: 1k
Android: 3k

Of course I would have expected Chrome to also become 3k, but I guess that the two wallets are holding keys separately for each new address created.

I find it confusing especially for new comers. because now I have those two wallet that share the 1k but not the 2k.

Am I doing something wrong?

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Hi There,
Sorry for that, I think you are seeing a bug (or atleast a variant of it) reported here.
For now, if you delete and restore your wallet (or clear storage/login to another Chrome profile/restore to brave or yandex browser), you should see all the funds back.