My Yoroi wallet hacked

Hi, unfortunately someone hacked my pc and got access to my wallets and stole everything (including my yoroi) I can see the address they have transferred the assets to and through cardanoscan I can see my assets still are in that address
Is there something you guys can help me with? It was my all savings and I feel devastated :pensive:

Im really sorry for that loss but as soon as the transaction has been confirmed by the network theres nothing you can do about that.

You definitly should report it to your local authorities and hope for the best.

But what a local authority can do?
This is one of the biggest crypto market issue
Transactions are anonymous and you don’t know who is the person stealing your assets, and there is no way of get them back or find the people involved :frowning:

Unfortunately you caused this yourself and didn’t listen to any of the password warnings

Yoroi has a spending password.

The error to learn from going forward is:

NOT keeping your passwords on your laptop!!

There’s nothing wrong with Yoroi …

Write down your seed phrase … securly
Write down your spending password… securly

Make a copy…

present it to a trusted family member

Physical air gap from the laptop… forever.

Oh so sorry but i am not sure about that… Thanks !!