Ada / yoroi / error

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Unexpected error
Request operation failed. This is all we know. Out of range integral type conversion attempted

I cant send my ada and cant stake please help me

It is a simple yoroi wallet?

Got the same problem. Neither delisting or payout from a pool works nor delegating to a new one

Same problem here. Simple yoroi wallet

I received it too. Any luck?

How did they resolve it? Did you feel comfortable giving them your seed phrase when filling out their Google doc form?

Did yours resolve?

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Not in the mobile app. Made my changes in the brva extension.

What do you mean by brva extension? Is that what I need to do?

I bypassed my problem in the mobile app. In the browserextenaion of brave eveeything works fine. So try the chrome webshop and install the offical yoroi extension for your browser. If you havent done this before recover your wallet by using your seed. Other wise just open your wallet.

Here everythimg worked just fine. But I still have the problem in the mobile app

To make it clear. You have to use a Desktop browser

Thats great thanks for the heads up. I would really like to get my app working again though

I have an yoroi wallet for the Android version, but it all gives an error and money cannot be transferred

Try to install the yoroi on mobile and restore the wallet… dowload only from official sources and check first if your phone is not infected by hackers or malware

The mobile version should work fine

Or if u have ledger/trezor you can use

agree, use the app from the official source