Moving Cardano to Ledger

Hi All,

Relatively new to crypto’s and have a lot of problems when trying to buy crypto’s. One issue is exchanges do not like the state I live in (Louisiana). I currently hodl ADA on uphold with no way to withdraw to a ledger. It looks like would allow me to withdraw to daedalus for only 2 ADA, and from there to my ledger. Can anyone confirm will allow an ADA withdrawal to an external wallet? Not sure I have any other options that wouldn’t require buying, exchanging, transferring, exchanging, withdrawing. Oy vey, what a headache!

check first if uphold support shelley or byron

install chrome app on your browser ( I recommend chrome + yoroi)

Then open yoroi

  • new wallet (shelley era) - connect ledger
  • then send 10 ADA for test from uphold to the yoroi address
  • check if the ADA arrived on yoroi
  • open - hw wallet - connect ledger via Web USB
  • check if 10 ADA are in your wallet
  • if yes then move all funds from uphold to yoroi
  • go to delegation center and delegate to a pool
  • happy delegation!


Thanks for the information. However, ADA cannot be transferred from Uphold. I do not wish to exchange it and transfer it as the fees would start to build quickly.

I think will allow ADA to be withdrawn to Yoroi and want to know if anyone has tried or had success doing so.

If I look in the app, it seems you can withdraw to an external Cardano Ada address.If you connect your hardware wallet to Daedalus first, then the address Daedalus generates is controlled by the hardware wallet. So there is no need to transfer from Daedalus to the hardware wallet, because they are ‘the same’.

Thanks for the help. Is it the same process with Yoroi as well?

Yes, on Yoroi it works the same. First configure your Youroi wallet and connect it to your hardware wallet. Then get a address from your wallet which you provide to the exchange. So you can witdraw from the exchange directly to the hardware wallet.