Hi I'm Kyle from the UK

Looking some advice on how to buy ada, signed up to bittrex but can’t find how to buy any. Just gives me the option to trade btc or ether. This will be my first time buying a cryptocurrency.

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use the search… “ADA” now they are in btc and ethereum markets.
buy eth to trade, avoid the btc costs

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Thanks, so there’s no way around having to buy eth first. Was hoping it was simpler than that, was wanting to buy some tonight. Will have to look into it tomorrow. Will need to set up wallet for eth etc.
Only new to all this so haven’t really a clue yet.

Hi there,

I haven’t experienced with ETH-ADA yet as vladimir suggested (which sounds like a great way to go around the BTC fees). You can use an exchange such as coinbase to transfer Fiat to BTC/ETH and transfer it over to Bittrex (you can use GDAX to go around Coinbase’s fees). From there, convert BTC/ETH to ADA.

My suggestion always is to not leave money on exchanges - transfer your ADA over to Daedalus after purchase.

Hope that helps!


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