I have a couple questions

what is a better buy for trading. To ADA ?
And how do i. Trade from Coinbase to another comparable site that sells other coins like ADA or XRP thank you have a wounderfull Friday

I buy ETH from coinbase then transfer to binance where i buy ADA. Hope it helps


How are you buying Ada tho because it won’t let me :slight_smile: I did the same thing as you just can’t figure it out yet

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It says I have no BTC THO but I transferred my Ethirium

Seems like you’re looking at the BTC market instead of the ETH one, try this link: https://www.binance.com/trade.html?symbol=ADA_ETH

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Hey rob thank you. Very much so I have etc I just can’t convert it to btc. ? It would only let me buy a few Ada nd I can’t use the rest of my etc to buy xrp

You should be able to buy xrp same way you bought ADA but you should have at least 0.01ETH in your binance.

THANkyou brotha h

The way binance limits fractional trades , it is sometimes more efficient to buy through their special trade “bnb” as some have pointed out … anycoin->bnb->eth->Ada … not trying to be a salesperson, just stating the facts.

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Perfect but Coinbase takes a percentage every transfer and once I transfer say eth to binance I can’t figure out how to propperly trade
So I’m buying percentages of either coin And holding

Coinbase is much cheaper if you can avoid using cards, see here: https://support.coinbase.com/customer/en/portal/topics/796531-payment-methods/articles

Not sure what you mean by “properly trade” but I buy percentages of coins and hold them. Better not to leave there (or any exchange) for long though, I’m looking at various wallets for long term storage.