Do you use the pro.coinbase and Binance strategy to buy your ADAs? What's your recipe?

Hey community, I wanted to add some ADAs this week to my wallet and in the past, I used to buy it through the " famous " strategy:

"Buy BTC on Coinbase > pro.coinbase > Binance > Trade BTC for ADA > Daedalus"

I was buying BTC because it was easy and then was sending them to Binance and trade it for ADAs. But since it has been a while and coinbase now has much more cryptos available, what is the best coin to buy (on coinbase) and transfer to binance to avoid as much fees as possible? BTC fees are high and maybe not the best option anymore.


Hmm… I will tell u how I did…
I used to send my money via SEPA transfer (no fees and available for EUROPA); after that I bought ADA directly and send them to my yoroi…

In ur case should buy on binance directly with your card… or send ur money via bank transfer and after buy ada directly

I generally avoid Binance at all costs. It’s not because it’s a bad exchange, but more of a philosophical choice.

Coinbase > bittrex



I use and bank transfer my money to them (no fee) and then buy ada directly from and transfer it to daedalus.

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Exactly the process I use.


Which may be the best way to buy ADA ATM, directly on Binance or CEX?


Since nobody replied I moved into trying the proceedings myself, and this post serves as a possible reference for EU buyers.

Recently bought ADA using the coinbase/binance strat. Along with 3€ of fees to make the ETH buy I also disembursed another 10/11€ fee for the transfer to binance. The bank deposit is free of charge. (which is the method I always use).

Read about the EUR/ADA pair on Binance and tryed it aswell. 0€ charged for the bank deposit, 0€ fees to place and make the buy and only 1 ADA fee to transfer to Yoroi.

Didn’t try the CEX strat. I’m very satisfied with the Binance way of working.