How awesome would be to have ADA on Coinbase or on Binance with fiat pairs

if we have ADA in Coinbase or directly in Binance (no trading)… The fees and the value of BTC in Binance are higher… Coinbase at least reflects the current price which in the end we pay lower fee. however, they kept the money for some days.

What do you recommend guys ? What is the quickest way to buy ADA ?

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You can buy ADA for USD on Bitrex I believe. The do not operate in New York though.


I can recommend, especially for the european area. ADA/USD and ADA/EUR pairs.


Coinspot totes handy for peeps in Oz…

Yes you can but deposit equal or higher than 1000$

Title fixed. No clickbaity titles next time, plz, @manoelramon


I heard that also thinking about listing Cardano. Just wait and it will happen.

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just got my verification at kraken!!! thank you !