Buying ADA and loosing money

I am loosing about 5% in commissions and exchange fees every time I buy ADA.
I have USD. My bank exchanges to EUR before wire to Coinbase Pro. There I exchange the EUR for BTC or ETH. I send this to Binance where I exchange for ADA.
Is there a cheeper way to acquire ADA?
I am a dual citizen, USA and Norway. But all my funds are in the USA in USD.

Yep, i hope it is possible for you to trade on a dutch exchange., your first trading is costless till €1000, and after dat the cost are very very low, 0,25% and you can direct pay the ada with euros.


Good one. While he’s on it, looking into Litebit might be worth a shot. Fixed fee of €0,42 per transaction regardless of size.

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Can you access Binance US or Kracken?

Go can go USD to ADA on those.


Since I live in Florida, I can’t yet use Binance.US. I’m looking forward to that option.

Does Binance US allow Wisconsin residents?