Alternative to Binance for ADA

Hello, after years of watching i took the leap into Crypto in January. Cardano is pretty much my only investment and one i am excited about. I am located in the US and have a Coinbase account & use Binance to exchange. With Binance going away in the US can anyone recommend an exchange where i can continue to safely accumulate ADA. I do transfer to a Yoroi wallet once exchanged.
I have seen a lot of talk of ADA on Coinbase at some point. I have read that Coinbase cannot or will not list ADA until Shelley in full release? Not sure if that is true and/or they can list at anytime?

Any comments or suggestions are much appreciated!!

I would recommend Bittrex. The volume on the exchange is low, but it’s all legitimate volume. You can trade ADA with USD, BTC, and ETH. Do your own research of course, but it’s a good place to start!

I installed the Opera browser which has a free built-in VPN with encryption where you can select different regions (Asia, Europe, Americas and Optimal location). I haven’t done any coinbase to binance trades yet but you could give this a try.

Thank you jpurin & DaCooz, much appreciated!!


Kraken has a USD to ADA pair you can try them.

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I’d of course recommend this article on the topic of decent alternatives to Binance

Otherwise use Go CryptoMarket ( or Coinmarketcap to find more alternatives

Old thread, but I’ll chip in anyway:

At this moment I personally use and can recommend (US) and Netherlands-based

Limited experience with Coinbase, and never used Binance on account of a few too many horror stories from unhappy users.