Advice on buying ADA in the US

Sorry for such a boring topic…

Can anyone suggest the easiest, best, and cheapest way to buy ADA in the US.
In Jan. 2018 I bought some by first buying ETH on coinbase, then ADA with the ETH from Binance…
…is this still the best way, or is it now possible to buy ADA directly with FIAT somewhere?

Thanks a lot!

Kraken and Binance US have usd to Ada pairings.

Aha… great!

So you mean that it is now possible to deposit USD onto Binance, and then directly buy ADA?

My brother is doing this for us, and he tried and can’t figure out how to do that - and suspects that it might not be possible to deposit USD on there…

…any suggestions?


Make sure he is looking at Binance US which is the American branch of Binance. They are separate entities for legal purposes. You need a entirely different sign up process.