Which methods currently are people using to Buy and Sell ADA. ( New recruit to Crypto and ADA )

Hi lads and lasses.

I am fairly new to trading. I am about too purchase my 1st amount of ADA tomorrow. ( I have never bought any Crypto before )

I know it must be simple for most of you who been in the game for long period of time. But bare in mind there is newbies getting into the space all the time with not a lot of know how and a lot of worry.

I have being doing my homework for months to the best of my ability to getting my head around it all. I’m getting there but nowhere near the finished article.

So here goes what i keep reading below in various boards etc. Too try eliminate low fees and quickest speed.

1 Transfer funds from the bank to Coinbase in a GBP wallet (3-5 days) or User Debit Visa and instant but small fees which are quite low.
2 Convert into BTC or ETH. ( ETH being faster but apparently Litecoin even faster.)
3 Transfer from GDAX account which is available if you have a Coinbase account ( Part of the same group.) Too Binance exchange.
4 Binance have some of the lowest fees and well respected in general.
5 Exhange on Binance your chosen coin too buy ADA.
4 Transfer ADA to Daedalus Wallet or Nano ledger Hard Wallet etc.

Does this sound about right to all? I know there is several ways to skin a cat here and methods and sites used change all the time subject to fees etc.

This is why I’m asking for some of the experienced crypto peeps to share there current methods.

I am also trying to find the best method to sell too. Just incase and for the future.

I am excited to be on board with this ADA. Nice little spike last 48hrs :slight_smile:

Any help is highly appreciated and i know this might be boring or annoying for some people but there is lots of people new to this game and will be even more once ADA becomes the next VISA and beyond. So this is a great topic for updating and helping your new recruits.:pray:

Namaste. David.


Sorry no one has responded to you yet. The process you described will work. Instead of ETH or BTC, most recently, I’ve been buying XLM (Stellar) on Coinbase and transferring XLM to Binance to sell into BNB and then buy ADA. XLM moves extremely fast and no fees to deposit into Binance.


Thankyou sounds a great method. Thankyou for taking the time out too reply i will use this knowledge in future… This is the kind of reply a novice was looking for more much respect…:grin:

“I’m starting to think this world is just a place for us to learn that we need each other more than we want to admit.”

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@MancDave hey I just read your post I my self is a newbie also I’ve been around for a little while maybe a year but there is so much always going on it’s really hard to keep up with and to be honest I only keep up with Cardono anymore because that’s all I want to focus on and I think all I need to focus on. But there is a guy on YouTube by the name of crypto Dad!! He is really very very good at explaining things and actually showing you step by step by step he can help you set up either one of the wallets you mention and help you purchase ADA SAFELY!! Also Cardano has the YOROI WALLET FOR IOS AND ANDROID!! I I also believe you will be able to stake from YOROI!! I hope this helps if you have any other questions let me know and I’ll help you out any way I can!!

Thx Billy funny enough i watched most Crypto Dad’s videos and that’s how i learnt a lot of things in regards to Wallets, ADA and buying & selling and Nano ledger. Easy to follow and helped me ten fold. Still reading into staking pools etc…Still thinking a Nano Ledger is the one of the best ways to store. And with the added bonus of ADA now being able to be stored on Nano Ledger that’s just fantastic.

I still have not put any wallets on my Android phone? Still reading on that… And still not sure which is the best multi currency Crypto wallet for storing other coins mainly Bitcoin, Etherum and Lite coin. At the minute i have Exodus but i have not used that yet? Which i can only set-up once i have made my first deposit. Which was a little confusing because i could not understand why it was not offering me a Password protection and 12 word key. Must make a deposit first then the back-up feature activates.

Apart from the main 3 coins which will just be used mainly for trading. ADA is the main coin i will be buying and storing for the future.

I will or have been thinking of Buying 75% ADA on every PURCHASE/DEPOSIT and possibles for the other 25% of my Buying yet still reading could be made up of :-

So like many say i don’t have my eggs all in one basket although i must stress i have a lot of faith in CARDANO… Hence 75% + of my total purchases.

I usually buy on Coinbase then transfer to my Kraken or Bittrex account to trade. I don’t typically use just one exchange in case there are issues. Also remember any coins on the exchange are at risk.
I park some Crypto in cold storage and trade with whatever I am willing to lose. This works well for me to divide my savings and risks.
Good Luck

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Привет. Я использую этого телеграмм бота (https://telegram.me/BTC_CHANGE_BOT?start=11CUX) для покупки btc, далее перевожу на binance, и уже там покупаю сою ada.