Few questions from the Noobie MANC :)

I am new to Crypto currency and been reading for at least 12 months. I am glad of the available videos on YouTube etc and message boards they taught me a lot. I am hoping for more knowledge once i have read endlessly on this forum. I’m sure i will get there.

I have been wanting to invest mostly in ADA. I have downloaded Daedaleus Wallet. Which took over 2hrs on 1st installation. Too Sync the blocks, But no biggie i just was patient. I have joined Binance and Coinbase and set-up using 2 factor for google and mobile and AntiPhishing Authentification. I have also ordered a Nano Ledger for hard wallet. I will keep my ADA in at least 3 locations for security. I am happy the NANO now includes ADA for storage… Not sure of any more security i can do. Please feel free to enlighten me.

I also know or think i understand about getting less fees by moving to Coinbase Pro etc before sending out or GDAX, I’m sure there is more. And many methods. But i get how it works more or less.

Everything seems to be happening for ADA and roll on Shelley anytime now mainframe. I have watched a lot of videos on YouTube and for a novice beginner they having been extremely helpful and I managed to get me head round most of them.
A few small questions. Do you find anytime GDAX is useful? I know it’s owned by Coinbase but is it worth opening an account on that too?
I mean what’s the difference between transferring from coinbase to Pro than using GDAX. Am i missing something.?
What is the best way of selling ADA back to your bank account. Minimum fees etc? Will you have to convert to another crypto then cash back to bank account that way? What is the best practise currently what peers are using… Any advice on this would be Greatful.
Also last question does Binance let you sell and withdraw to your bank account?
I am a newbie and trying me best with it all.

So many questions running round my head.

Hope i end up a helpful and active member of this community.

Thankyou in Advance. Namaste Dave

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Hi Dave and welcome from a fellow Brit!

I’ll tackle some of these. Coinbase Pro is GDAX rebranded, same thing. Your Coinbase account works on it too.

I’m not up on the latest Binance news, would also be interested to know if it’s now directly usable for UK fiat.

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Thx for that clarification.

UK fantastic. Where abouts…Manchester myself…

The things i’m reading on at the minute is what is the current best security for my ADA or Crypto in general.
And the best ways to buy and sell. What sites, Exchanges etc For speed and ease of use and fees of course.

I only set my Daedalus wallet up like 2 days ago. I have a NANO Ledger on the way.

I am just really nervous about storage and best methods.

I am going to start making some deposits and buying some ADA this month. Destination realistically 500000-1million

Just getting everything clear in my head. :pray:

Would love to hear how others work there magic on buying and storing.:eyes:

Can see me being around here for many years…:ok_hand:

At the tender age of 40 and 4 kids i’m hoping for some magic my way and kids being set-up for there future. But it will be what it will be. I’m fully clear on the possible outcomes… :):v:

Namaste Dave :innocent:

I’m in a small town you won’t have heard of in central Scotland. IMO Brits are over-represented in some parts of Cardano officialdom, but that’s probably a good thing! :grin:

I work up and down the UK weekly.

Was in Scotland last week. Inverness some drive, Dundee ,Edinburgh and Glasgow.:blue_car:

If there is a StarBucks, PizzaHuts or PapaJohns i’m there. We look after all these franchises…

I cover on average about 35000miles a year.:roll_eyes:

Love Scotland. Going camping up there in August.:camping:

Cardano Officialdom? Is that here or another forum?

Namaste Dave

I love it too :grin: but mind the midges! :laughing:

Sorry, just a fancy way of saying officials. On a conference call recently voice after voice was English.

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My missus never been to Scotland so will be her first time. Told her she got to try a pint of Tennent’s.

She also never been to the Big Smoke AKA London. But i refuse to take her as i can’t stand the place…I work there enough…

I’m always spending nights in the Purple prisons AKA Premier Inn’s so a Tennent’s Lager is religion for me up in Scotland…

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I’m glad to see our British ADA community growing! :uk:


I’m fully onboard…

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