Glad to be here

Hello All,

Very grateful to be able to surround myself with individuals more clever than I.

I know what a blockchain is. I own bitcoin and ether. However, I am inexperienced.

What stands out to you about Ada?
How would you recommend I trade and store Ada?
How do you predict the May 2020 Btc halvening will affect Ada?

I look forward to connecting with you!


Hello and welcome to our community @40water

If you wanna hold your Ada for longterm, i’d definitly recommend you to buy a hardware wallet like a ledger nano s or x or a trezor wallet. Remember the proverb “not your keys, not you your coins”. Means if you store your currency on a exchange, you do not own the keys, which means you do not really own the coins.

also i belive that the halvening doesnt affect the price immediately but definitly on the longterm. As bitcoin is the current leader, every coin will follow and imo there’s only one direction for longterm --> UP!


Hi @40water,

I’m new to the community as well, and I’m still working out how to navigate these pages.

If you’re pretty new to the cryptosphere and want to store your ADA I suggest the Yoroi Wallet, as it’s light and easy to navigate and has a good UX. For ADA I use Deadalus and Yoroi, but for the majority purchases I used Coinbase, the Exodus Wallet for storage because you own your private keys, it’s extremely simple to use, it’s got relatively high-quality tokens listed and a brilliant interface.

What stands out for me about ADA. Personally, I believe its greatly undervalued meaning there’s lots of room for growth, the Cardano seems to really take their time to ensure quality and base their decisions on peer-reviewed scientific research. I think this puts them in good sted in the future as academics can only quote peer-reviewed papers, this means in the future Cardano will be well established in the field of higher education.

Other than that, ADA and the Cardano is much more advance it terms of potential utility, speed, security, and if things go to plan it has the potential to be one of the most successful technological and blockchain projects.

Good luck, I hope this helps :+1: :slight_smile:


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