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Hi Cardano community.
I am new to crypto, although having watched from the sideline, starting with discussing Bitcoin on message boards back in 2010.
I have traded stocks, options, penny stocks for 25 years, but when Bitcoin came to market in 2009, I just didn’t understand how the blockchain worked or how I stored it. So I stayed away.
However I have done some research now, talked to some smarter people than myself, and decided to make a small investment in Cardano. And I would like to learn and understand more about Cardano, beyond being an investment.
After watching some videos from Hoskinson I am still confused so I would love to hear about learning other material. Have no idea what staking means…etc.
But all is for nothing if I manage to loose the investment I am making in Cardano. And it’s not like I can call Hoskinson and say, hey where did my ADA go?..
I have a Nano Ledger and downloaded the ADA app. Then I went to the ADALite website, connected my Ledger and received 10 addresses. I am sending my ADA to these addresses. All good so far?
What happens if ADALite disappears? How do I resurrect those 10 addresses? Or is the ADA on my private key on the ledger, and those 10 addresses are insignificant once I have received the ADA?
Are there other ADA message boards or is this the official (best) one?
I have tons of questions but I will watch what I can of videos before I bore you with more.
I feel like my Mom does when I am trying to teach her how to operate a smart phone…


Welcome! No worries we all start at the same place when learning about this stuff.

Adatainment a fellow community member has a great site with a lot of info. Here is a link to his video page:

I have not used AdaLite yet but your Ada is stored on the blockchain itself. The wallets are a way to access it so make sure you keep your private key (seed words) in a safe place and probably a good idea to make duplicates stored in separate locations.

Here is a very basic video on how wallets work in crypto:

Basically your ledger holds the private key securely offline to prevent hackers from accessing it.


Welcome to the forum!
We all do our best to help each other understand the in and outs of Cardano and most of your questions asked have been asked before, if you use the search bar on the forum you will find many topics related to your questions, feel free to bump those threads if you have any questions regarding your specific issue’s, I personally cannot help you with Ledger as I do not use it - nor do I use Adalite, both are trusted within our community, I do suggest getting familiar with the protocols using small amounts at first so if you make a mistake it is not earth shaking.
If you have tons of question’s no problem, just please give us all here some patience if we do not get them answered or if they are delayed, most of us are voulunteers when we help other’s understand something.
But hey glad to have you here!


Hello @ADAViking

welcome to this great community! feel free to ask any questions you have which refers to cardano or cryptocurrencies in general :slight_smile:

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Thanks! That was a very good video.
The 10 public keys generated by ADALite. What happens if the ADALite web interface is gone a few years from now? Are those 10 addresses stored on my ledger for me to extract through another interface such as Yoroi?

Hi I found this here:

Compatibility With Other Wallets

AdaLite generates by default 15-word mnemonics which can be used in Yoroi as well. Until March 26th, 2019, AdaLite generated 12-word mnemonics which were compatible with Daedalus. You can still use both 12 and 15 words mnemonics and AdaLite would recognize them. Details about AdaLite’s interoperability with Yoroi and Daedalus are explained below.

Is AdaLite compatible with Yoroi?

Yes. If you have a 12-word mnemonic from AdaLite, you can import it to Yoroi through the β€œImport Daedalus Wallet” option in the top right corner of the Yoroi extension. If you have a 15-word mnemonic, you can use it both in AdaLite and Yoroi. Hardware wallets managed with Yoroi can also be managed on AdaLite and vice versa, from March 2019. If you use more than 10 addresses on your wallet in Yoroi, we will display all used addresses in AdaLite.

Can I use my AdaLite wallet in Daedalus?

Yes, in case you have a 12-word mnemonic, you can decide at any time to import your AdaLite wallet to Daedalus, the official Cardano wallet. But after using the wallet to send funds or receiving them to unused addresses in Daedalus, we do not recommend using it again in AdaLite, since it manages the addresses in a different way than Daedalus which may result in a part of the funds being inaccessible in AdaLite afterward. If you would like to return to AdaLite, we recommend moving the funds to some of the AdaLite receive addresses.

Can I use my Daedalus wallet in AdaLite?

Yes, but bear in mind that Daedalus currently generates new addresses randomly and AdaLite uses only a certain range of addresses, so you will most likely see zero balance in AdaLite. But all the transactions you make with addresses generated by AdaLite should be recognized and almost immediately synced by Daedalus.


Besides code being open source (so someone can rebuild the β€˜interface’), the 15 word seed you have can be used in another wallet(s) - eg: Yoroi, cardano-cli , to access your funds.


Hi @ADAViking and Welcome to the community.

There is quite a bit to learn, especially if you are new to the crypto world. But don’t worry or put pressure on yourself. It honestly all comes in time.

Do you have Telegram? If not get yourself on there, it is a brilliant chat space, Cardano has a number of official and non official channels.

I would probably start with
Official Cardano Community Telegram Group

I am going to steal @Josh_Munday welcome pack, I’m sure he wont mind as it is brilliant and has tons of information on it to get stuck into.

Let us know if you need anymore help!
Cardano Welcome Pack!

This is a Welcome Pack to the Cardano Ecosystem! Here we have tried to gather some useful links, topics and videos that you may find interesting to start your journey into the world of Cardano. As this ecosystem is very diverse, some of the content below may not suit your exact needs but might be fun to check out anyway!
First stop, is Charles Hoskinson’s (CEO of IOHK) Whiteboard Video! This is a great overview of the goals and projects for Cardano!

The next place we would recommend checking out is the β€˜Why Cardano?’ page, this is a detailed overview of all the goals and projects for Cardano. This page is packed full of information and is very useful to refer to from time to time.

Next we have a few links to some of the key websites. These are the three organisations that help develop the many aspects of Cardano.
Emurgo -
Cardano Foundation -

Next we have the Cardano Roadmap. You may find updates on projects, detailed white papers on all the eras of Cardano. This website gets regularly updated!

Now we have a great link to some extra information on Cardano Incentives and Staking.

Here we have a link to a resource on the Cardano Wiki page, This is a mind map that can help you visualise the Cardano Ecosystem

Here we also have a link to another helpful page to get you started:

Now we have a few Community links for you, to help you get started in joining our community!

Cardano Forum - This is a great place to interact with the current community members, there are many discussions taking place from around the community here!

Cardano Reddit - A place for lively Cardano discussions and questions

Here we have a collection of telegram groups that you may find interesting:
:mega: @CardanoAnnouncements
:star: @CardanoGeneral
:two_hearts: @CardanoCommunityTechSupport
:computer: @CardanoDevelopersOfficial
:rocket: @CardanoTradingOfficial
:triangular_flag_on_post: @CardanoReportToAdmin
:jp: @CardanoJapanOfficial
:jp: @CardanoJapanTrading
:cn: @CardanoChinaOfficial
:kr: @CardanoKoreaOfficial
:de: :austria::switzerland::liechtenstein: @CardanoGermanOfficial

The Cardano Effect -
Cardano Stake Pools -

== Country Specific ==
:es: Spain: CardanoEsp
:brazil: Brazil: AdaBrasil
:netherlands::belgium: NL/BE: CardanoDutchOfficial
:singapore: Singapore: CardanoSG
:fr: France: CardanoFranceMain
:ru: Russia: CardanoRussiaMain
:us:USA: CardanoAmerica
:it:Italy: adaitalia
:australia: Australia: CardanoAustralia
:earth_asia: South-East Asia: CardanoSouthAsia
:india: Cardano_India
:mexico: Mexico: CardanoMexico
:iran: Persia:
Here we have put together a few good YouTube channels to follow, to help you develop your Cardano knowledge further:

Charles Hoskinson -
Emurgo -
Cardano Foundation -

The Cardano Effect -
The Cardano Community Podcast -

ADAtainment -
Philipa -
Digital Fortress -
Sebastien Guillemot -
Official Wallets
Daedalus -
Yoroi -
Hope this helps & Welcome to Cardano!


Welcome to the crypto world. You’re life will never be the same again :slight_smile:

You’ve also landed on the right project. The Cardano project, ecosystem & philosophy are absolutely beautiful!

Enjoy the ride. It’s gonna be a fun one :slight_smile:


Welcome to the #Cardano Community!

-The Cryptoviser


That’s a lot of info and recourses. I’ll dive into it.
I am sure a lot of my questions and confusion will be answered and settled once I’ve gone through all the material

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Welcome @ADAViking!

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