ADA wallet to Ledger Nano S Apps please

Brian from Denmark.
I’m Here to follow the development of this exiting third gen crypto and get going while the ADA is in its start up phase.

Please put some pressure on Ledger cold wallets. ADA wallet needed.

Lost 32 BitCoins at The Mt.Gox Rip off :money_mouth_face:



Hey Dude,

Also from DK :slight_smile: I would like to know more about the Ledger nano s. Right now I have my coins on paper wallet. Do you know if Cardano have generator to make one?

Sorry about the 32 BTC :-1:

Hej Lavidall81,

The Ledger Nano S Is an USB hardware cold Wallet. Like a safe.
So much easier and top secure storage :nerd_face::+1:



Guys - you can also check out Trezor for a hardware wallet. They’ve got a new version out next year which looks pretty good.

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I’d love to have the option to use my Ledger Nano S unless I decide to stake. I believe staking will require all coins to be stored on the Daedalus wallet.

I know this is 2 weeks old but hey Im from DK :denmark: as well adding Cardano to the Ledger will huge I cant wait.

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Hi acbolic,
Did you manage to add ADA to the Ledger Nano S?

Hey Brian no the Ledger team is still working on it as far Im concerned. So for now the only choice except an exchange is the Daedalus wallet Im afraid.

I just posted a comment on their roadmap on Trello:

Great, thanks. There is some pressure to add ADA I see :slight_smile:

I second this motion. ADA on ledger would be great.


My Ledger nano S is waiting for ADA support ASAP.
I don’t trust hot wallet’s because of hacks and etc.


How about this approach. Use the ledger nano to sign the transaction of the ada wallet on your pc. And for restoring store the seed is kept on the nano through its own app. Now the nano is still central in all our transactions and the ada is kept in Daedalus so your funds can be part of staking.

I also waiting for ADA application for Ledger Nano S. I had a conversation with Ledger team recently, and they said that they are working in this direction. So hopefully we will see Cardano in Ledger Nano S. The only one problem - is available space on this device. I have Bitcoin + Ripple + LiteCoin + Bitcoin Cash - and I don’t have any available space to install other apps. This is seems very common problem for Ledger Nano.

I would looooove to have Cardano in my Ledger too!
I hope it comes out first than the Cardano paper wallet.

Hi Jimmy78,

In time I Will invest in a secondary Ledger Nano S to store more CC’s.

I dont get why The Ledger Nano S Is designed with this limited RAM size?
RAM is cheap these days so it must be to get buiesness going. You will have to buy more units as you ramp up :grin:

simply ununistalll

i really don’t understand why ledger doesn’t just build one page like the myetherwallet and control every coin from there, what do they want you do download and open individual wallets for each coin? and with only room for a few coins on the device wouldn’t just a simple private key holder and a web interface to control every coin seem more robust ?

p.s. i am just a user and have no programing knowledge