Ledger Nano S Unboxing - Get yourself ready for Daedalus Integration

Hi everyone,

Here is a quick unboxing video for the Ledger Nano S. Ledger support hasn’t been added for ADA yet, but should be on its way. Better to get prepared in advance. :slight_smile:



Got mine ready. Also have a Trezor let’s see who implements Cardano first!

Also working on a offline wallet run on an airgapped pi. Probably bring one to the NYC meet up this month.


I prefer Trezor but Cardano will be on Ledger

Do you think it’s safe to order one from Amazon ? It cost 10 dollars less vs the Ledger site.


I don’t think it’s an issue. I purchased mine on Amazon. Ledger Live verifies the authenticity of the device. As long as your pass phrase sheet isn’t already filled out, you should be good. Not financial advice though and purchase it where you feel comfortable.

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Rumor has it that there will soon be Trezor support as well.

Like @Donnybaseball said, Trezor will support Cardano as well, but only the Trezor Model T (source).

See this tweet: https://twitter.com/pavolrusnak/status/1043136889312747520

Pull requests on GitHub:

when ledger support???

“at, or around, or a little bit after Cardano 1.4, which is currently slated for October” (source)

This is the latest information. There hasn’t been a Charles AMA or video update in a while, so maybe we’ll get one soon.

It might be, but do you want all your crypto to be lost because you wanted to save $10? Is that risk worth it? Up to you.

Care to explain why you think one from Amazon is unsafe ? The seed is generated by the purchaser. So unless one arrives with a seed pre-generated, and you use that seed, I don’t see the risk.
I wouldn’t order a used one on ebay but even then you can generate a new seed.

I don’t believe that’s enough safety if the device got into the wrong hands. I think the chances of that are low but adding steps in a supply chain will always increase the attack surface. Saving $10 wouldn’t be enough for me to take that risk.