Ledger nano and ada?

Getting the wallet on line is a huge step. Being able to secure ada is critical to investors.

On that note are there plans to create an app so we can store our ada off line on a ledger nano hard wallet? There really should be as this is the most legit way of keeping our funds bomb proof.

great work:)


Yes, Charles hopkinson has said on reddit that they are working with ledger, and they plan on working with Trezor in the future. I’m assuming ledger will get support for ADA first though.


Glad to hear it and the sooner the better.
Coincidentally I have noticed a to many of the apps designed for ledger do
not work…

Hope they get it right the first time


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Do you have the source/link to reddit?

Metalayer is working on ledger support with the C…


Edit: couldn’t find the link where he said possible Trezor support in the future. Sorry :upside_down_face: