Native Support for ADA in Ledger Live?

Anybody have a feel for when Ledger Live will support ADA natively, rather than through Yoroi or Daedalus?

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Anyone have ANY info on this?

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There are a bunch of people pointing fingers at eachother. I heard Charles say on his live stream that they needed to pay a large fee and were negotiating to be listed on ledger live. Then I’ve seen posts from Ledger claiming this is something IOHK has to just do and that it doesn’t cost anything.

I would really like to get a straight answer on this because I have 4 of these wallets and am looking around for something better. I have ordered another hardware wallet and am waiting for delivery. Once tested I might just jump ship and give these 4 to my nephews with small staked amounts to grow unitl they get into college.

Won’t use Cardano, but might keep some Tezos, Algo, Cosmos, and Dot there for them… Sad that the largest of all of these stakable assets is still not supported!

It turned out that we as a community have to demand Ledger Live support at the Cardano Foundation, Charles told that in the AMA “Musings and a bit of an AMA (Back from Africa)”.

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