does anyone know the current status of the Cardano integration into Ledger Live. I have listed a tech-talk in Jan 2022 - any progress since then?
Would love to see my ADA in LEDGER LIVE as well.
Tank you.

There are no pull requests or code for this that I can see and I do not know of anyone working on this. Plenty of requests for it though:

… and so on …

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Wasn’t there a successful Catalyst proposal for this in the last round?

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My hope was, that they (IOHK, EMURGO, LEDGER) have found some way to work TOGETHER in the meantime. Ok, bit disappointing. Thx you for the git link.

100% correct. Thats the main reason, why I am asking.

Looks like it got not funded in cat6

but in cat7 ledger live integration got funded:

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That would partly explain, why it’s not there.

Unfortunate for you.

I don’t care much. I like using the wallet apps made for the specific blockchain.

Ledger Live seems to be more for traders of all sorts of cryptocurrencies.

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