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Hello to all fellow ADA investors. I have great enthusiasm about the Cardano project and am a long term investor. Been spreading the word on social media to raise awareness of this unique crypto package that Cardano offers which I believe will catapult itself to the top 3 on coinmarketcap in the near future.

Only issue I have had is with the Daedalus wallet which doesn’t seem to load on my desktop as I would like to transfer my ADA from Binance to my desktop wallet for added security. Also would like to know if Cardano is working with any hardware wallet developers to include ADA as a coin one can store on a hardware wallet.

Any feedback would be most welcome!



loading takes time but suppose to be coming out with update in month i believe, they are working with ledger nano s but no date as of yet


Have you checked out the Daedalus FAQ section?


Thanks for the update Dan. In my case the Daedalus wallet is simply not installing on my Windows 7. Will memebers here get an email notification if this update?

Hope they are working with Ledger Nano S to inxlude ADA - it would make a lot of investors feel safe and increase buy volume of ADA vs a desktop wallet (which can be hacked as we all know). And DEFINITELY better than just leaving your ADA on an exchange!


Hey from Canada :wink: :maple_leaf:


Welcome @Jay_Dee John! :slight_smile:


Thank you! Nice to be among fellow ADA investors/believers!