Expanded Cardano (ADA) support on Ledger devices

Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to stake and interact with your ADA balance right from the Ledger Live interface (such as with DOT, TRX) rather than needing to pair its functionality with third party wallets like Yoroi, ADA Lite, etc? (Not that those platforms aren’t great, but as I start to get more used to working with crypto I’m beginning to value comfort/ease of access more and more).

Is anyone aware of updates in this regard, or whether voting from cold-storage wallets is going to be supported soon?

VacuumLabs is responsible for the Cardano Ledger app. How ever for the integration into Ledger Live there is nothing IOHK or VL can do.

Ledger is asking for alot of money for that integration and currently nobody wants to pay for that.