Buying ADA and exchanging it

Hello guys!

Quick question to refresh my memory a bit.

Buying ETH in Coinbase sending it to Binance and trade it for ADA is still the best way to do it?

I buy ADA on direcly with my Card, just like on Coinbase.
But they have an 10 ADA fee for transfer to my ledger…

Is there any other site that has lower fees than the above mentioned thx right now (or at least last week) doesn’t charge a credit card fee. That savings will more than cover the 10 Ada you would otherwise spend in fees. Also the way the price is surging you lose out on having to wait on Coinbase for your coins to arrive unless you pay an increased service charge. Coinbase is easy to use. So is Kraken is also an option to purchase Ada but I haven’t used them.