Transferring from Bittrex to Daedalus

Sorry if this has already been posted before, but I just got Daedalus up and running. I am trying to move my ADA to my wallet, but is there any way to do this other than using a QR code? I have no way of scanning it and I’m doing this all on PC.

Edit: Solved. Don’t know why i didn’t think to just reboot my computer.

Could you please be more specific? I take it that you are talking about the 2FA (2 Factors Authentification) on Bittrex? If that’s the case all you need to do is use your smartphone and download the Google Authenticator app, that will enable you to scan the QR code. Don’t forget to save the Master Key (in case you lose your phone)

I never use the QR code… Why not copy/paste the addresses? As soon as you try withdrawing/depositing ADA to or from bittrex, it shows the Address as well as the QR Code…

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No sorry, I am trying to send ADA from Bittrex to Daedalus wallet. I go on my Bittrex wallet so I can send it, it tells me to enter the address to send to, but when I click the ‘Receive’ tab in Daedalus, instead of an address, it generates a QR code for me to scan. However, i don’t have a way to scan it to receive my ADA.

Thats what i would prefer to do, but i cant seem to generate an address to copy and paste.

That’s pretty weird… I’ve managed to copy/paste the address every time I move ADA from bittrex to Daedalus… It should always show you the address…

Have you tried using a different web browser to see if the issue isn’t with your current one?

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Not the browser im having issues with. I cant generate an address in Daedalus to send to.

I see… Even by generating a new address, it’s not letting you? I haven’t had any issues with Daedalus regarding generating wallet addresses sorry.

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Ive emailed their support team, just waiting on response. Ill figure this out one way or another.

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You will… Hope I couldn’t help much. GL!

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Have you had any luck with moving your ADA from Bittrex?

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Yessir I did figure it out

This is good. I’m new to Cardano. Can you confirm that you are using the 1.0.3 wallet? Just want to be moderately confident about taking the plunge.

Hi - I understand being tentitive before making the plunge. :grinning:

I am new to crypto and have been happily buying Ada for several weeks now. The Daedalus wallet is solid.


Thank you.

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my problem: bittrex to daedalus, that in bittrex its staying for hours in the authorized modus but doesnt change… canceled new wallet new adress nothing changes…

Bittrex exchange is under heavy load and transfer queues are taking longer than usual.

In your Bittrex Wallets, if you see your transfer under Pending Withdrawals you are good to go. Now its just patience while the transfer is queued.

I’m seeing reports of Bittrex being queued for as long as 7 hours. BUT the transfer will take place and be successfu! :slight_smile:

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ok i hope nothing went wrong - my withdrawl in bittrex is not pending anymore and tells its completed but in daedalus nothing appears… i hope i hope … nothing went wrong…