Bittrex ADA Wallet Address

Quick question, does Bittrex’s ADA wallet address change after a transaction? I sent some coins from Bittrex->Daedalus without any problems, but when I tried to send some back (by copying and pasting the exact “from address” on my transaction history in Daedalus) the coins never arrived. I checked the address I sent it to using the Cardano explorer and they’re there. I wanted to know if the address changes, and if the old address was potentially assigned to someone else’s wallet.

Any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks in advance!

I think you will have to contact Bittrex. The address they use to send funds out to your Daedalus wallet is not necessarily the same address as your deposit address on Bittrex. If you go to the Ada page or the wallet page on Bittrex and click on the + or deposit button. That is the correct deposit address for your account. Bittrex can probably sort it out and credit your account properly.

(edit) just to explain this a little better. The money you send to Bittrex doesn’t stay in it’s own compartment that you send and withdrawal from. The funds are transferred from your deposit address to a company wide cold or hot storage wallet pooling everybody’s funds. Your address is credited of course with an internal ledger entry. When you withdrawal they send those funds from the company hot wallet that they are using for this purpose. It sounds like you sent it back to this company wallet and not the deposit address associated with your account. The deposit address can be changed if you want but stays the same until you change it. All past deposit addresses would still be usable and still be associated with your account. Hope this helps.

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I see, I was thinking that that may have been the case as well so I sent in a support ticket a few days ago but I guess theres a really long que on support tickets at the moment. I appreciate the response, i definitely need to educate myself more on blockchain transaction I think haha.

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