Deadalus wallet lost deposit?


Hi all I am a beginner to everything crypto and I just lost 25 Ada as a test from Bittrex to my wallet address. Is this a test wallet like the tutorial video claims or do we have the real thing? When will the tutorial be updated for us old guys trying to catch with all this computer stuff? Why is it asking for me to upload a file that I do not have? Can I get around this? Thanks for all your help!



Hi all so this is my first wallet, that I am trying to use, and looks like I made a rookie mistake. When I copied my Deadlaus address and pasted it into my Bittrex wallet to send out I must have clicked the previous address I had pasted in the address box as received an email of successful adding 25 Ada to my Binance wallet, Lol! So I will try this again and update this post.


You have the right idea, it was just the execution. lol Were you successful on your second attempt?


Hi @rcactech,
I would advise to always triple-check that you have pasted the right address. We are always tempted to overlook it, but it is crucial, think that you can send your coins to someone else… which already happened either by mistake from users of because someone stole their money by changing their address and manipulate things remotely.

Don’t worry about the file Daedalus is asking you to upload, this part of the wallet is for investors from the pre-sale.
Hope you managed to send your coins where you wanted!


I have a interesting one, a mate of mine was sending 1830 ada to his wallet and accidently put 1830 as the address to send it to. Will it bounce back because it is not actually an address (clearly) or is it g g g gone?


Check the transaction ID here ^ ^ ^

If it shows as valid, then the amount is gone forever. If it is invalid eventually the network will reach a consensus and it’ll “bounce”.


Technically if it’s valid, where would the amount go if the recipient address doesn’t exist?


This means your machine isn’t updating the chain. Could be, a process is blocking communication in which case you need to restart the computer. Or, your machine is slow and will sync a day from now.


It is stored on the blockchain as an output to addresss “1830”. If someone ever generates a private key whose public key hashes to address “1830” they will be able to redeem this money, otherwise it is gone forever.


Thanks guys for all the replies and advice. When I realized where the Ada went it was too late for I was too sleepy to focus. Anyway, I will attempt a wallet deposit later today and update.

Thanks again