Hello from Australia

Hi All,
Andrew from Australia, pleased to meet everyone and looking forward to learning more about Cardano ADA!


Yay! Another Aussie :slight_smile:

Where are you buying your ADA? I’ve been quite happy with CoinSpot myself.

G’Day mate! I am on Bittrex, quite happy with them to be fair - never had any dramas - unlike the rip-off exchanges in Oz. Indipendent Reserva I find to be the fairest, Cointree and co are an absolute fraud imo.
I have not been able to get the ADA Wallet to load to 100% nodes as of yet, so am particularly interested if we will be able to use cold storage on Trezor or Ledger. I really would prefer to have that than any online networked wallet, regardless of how much crypto is in it!
Cheers,and thanks for reaching out.

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Welcome @AnDrewA Andrew! :slight_smile:

Hi, Mitchell.

I would like more information about Coinspot. I want to buy ADA exchanging it directly from FIAT to ADA. Would you say that buying on Coinspot is safe and cheaper considering the many fees for getting your hands on ADA?

Thank you

Hey there Coinreal,
The bottom line is that we here in Oz are getting ripped big time. Coinspot is going to charge you 4% for using a card or whatever your bank fees are.
Then you have the inflated prices n Australian exchanges. For example, I was using Independent Reserve, they only do bank transfers - so you have to wait days, then they have BTC prices from 1-2k above market prices! I have used Coinspot as well, but they seemed dodgy as all hell from my experience and imho, I cannot find any other exchanges in Oz that are not ripping you in some form, whether it be fees, inflated prices or making it just plain difficult to transfer FIAT to coins.
I am currently looking at how it would be possible to use Transferwise global accounts and then deposit direct into Bittrex or GDAX(Coinspot) in the US or Quinox in Japan/Singapore. Quinox cam eup on a search of Oz exchanges and their BTC price was 1-2k below Indipendant Reserve et al.

So if anyone else from Oz knows a feeless and fast manner to go FIAT to Coin, please let me know!
Also, a plus side to Independent Reserve etc is if you ever sell BTC, you are going to get inflated prices and therefore a greater investment return, so not all so bad I guess.

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Hey guys, another Australian here.

Has anyone had any experience with btc markets at all? Been thinking about using them but unsure on fees and exchange rates/processing times.

Hey @tombody perhaps worth asking in Trading :slight_smile: Thanks!

So true! I spend many days looking over fees and etc. The fees kill the game for young coins, but with ADA I hope we can do things a bit differently.