Hello from the land of Football, Meat Pies, Kangaroos, and Internet so slow we're no longer ranked in the global Top 50!

G’day from Australia!

Super excited to play the long game with ADA, and am keen to be one of those people whom are spoken of jealously by people who didn’t jump on board the train when the tickets were cheap :wink:


G’day Mitchell! :slight_smile: Welcome!

Liking your description of Oz! You’ll like my internet here in Hull, UK…

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Hi @Mitchell, welcome to Cardano :cardano:

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Thank you! And yes, that internet speed would be dreamy! Particularly compared to my current 3down/0.5up I get at the moment!

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Thanks Tom!

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Confused me… we call them squirrels…! :smiley:

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G’day @Mitchell what is the best way to buy cardano in Australia I have a sister or two there and they actually want to buy some!

we love you anyway :wink: welcome aboard!

Hi! Sorry for the delayed response, I don’t check this forum much these days. The most simple way is to get on CoinSpot.com.au as they do direct Aussie Dollarydoos to Crypto, however they do take a fee, so it is technically more expensive to use them. That being said, I still use CoinSpot purely for the ease of use. You don’t need to buy Bitcoin, then transfer that Bitcoin to an exchange, then buy Cardano. You just transfer your cash-money via POLi payments, and you’re good to go. POLi is instant, which is great. The only other downside to CoinSpot is that they can take a few days to verify your account before you can purchase.

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